Our Vision

A community and world becoming more and more compassionate.

Our Mission

To champion and nurture the growth of compassion.

Our Guiding Question

What does Compassion want for Louisville?

Our Goal

Louisville is the leading Compassionate City in a growing global compassion movement.


The Foundation

Our goal is build upon the foundation of many Louisville assets: The rich interfaith history led by the Center for Interfaith Relations and Interfaith Paths to Peace, the rich history of contemplative thought expressed by Thomas Merton and sustained and continued by the Thomas Merton Center, symbolized by Merton’s Louisville epiphany where he saw the people of Louisville “walking around shining like the sun” and the international vision of the most famous Muslim in the United States, Muhammad Ali with his legacy of finding the greatness within, as expressed by the Ali Center and the Ali Institute.

Our Background

The Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville has been central to connecting Louisville to the global compassion movement. The global movement is being led by the Charter for Compassion International, out of Seattle, Washington, and intellectually supported by the Stanford Universities’ Center for the Study of Compassion and Altruism.

Our History

    • On 11-11-11, Louisville became the 7th city worldwide to affirm the Charter for Compassion.
    • Mayor Greg Fischer created Compassionate Louisville to sustain a 10-year campaign.
    • Give-A-Day was established as the Mayor’s signature initiative.
    • Named the Model Compassionate City for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 by the Charter of Compassion International.
    • Named the Most Livable Large City by the U.S Conference of Mayors in 2012.
    • Spalding University was recognized as the first compassionate university in 2012.
    • Named a Top 10 Compassionate City by Forbes Magazine in 2013.
    • Hosted His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, in 2013 on the theme of engaging compassion and creating compassionate cities.
    • Through his challenge to other cities in 2013, Mayor Fischer inspired the International “Compassion Games” that runs annually from 9/11 to 9/21.
    • In 2013, Mayor Fischer introduced a resolution at the Conference of Mayors to study the possibility of introducing more compassion into public life.
    • Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence serving as the fiscal agent.


As a result of Mayor Fischer’s personal and professional commitment to compassion throughout his life, Louisville is becoming a leader in the global movement.

Compassion is a core pillar of Mayor Fischer’s administration and he supports the growth and work of the Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville.

Local community leader, Tom Williams, an attorney with Skoll, Keenon,& Ogden, and Brenda Frank, Special Assistant Office of Mayor Fischer, serve as co-hosts of the Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville and lead the effort to fulfill its mission.

There is a volunteer based Coordinating Circle, consisting of individuals throughout the community who support the co-hosts’ effort to further the mission of Compassionate Louisville to champion and nurture the growth of compassion in Louisville through grass roots advocacy and outreach.

There are constellations working in specific areas of compassion, like education, healthcare, elderly, science, earth, practices and organizations, whose goal it is to intentionally reach a specific sector of the community and work to have an impact through collaboration with all stakeholders.